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Countdown 2 Retirement

Countdown2Retirement is presented in your worksite conference or meeting room as a series of educational workshops. The full series consists of 8 one-hour-long sessions, but can be customized to fit your group’s needs. They can be scheduled quarterly, monthly (recommended), or even weekly, depending on your group’s needs and desires. One popular method is to start with one session and then survey the interest of your group regarding additional sessions.

Session 1 – “6 Biggest Retirement Mistakes”

How to avoid the traps that hurt so many retirements

Session 2 – “Are You Ready to Retire?”

The Countdown2Retirement checklist of things you need to know/do before you retire

Session 3 – “Tax Reduction Strategies for Retirement”

How to reduce or maybe even eliminate income taxes in retirement

Session 4 – “Investment Strategies for Retirement”

Savvy strategies targeting higher returns and lower risk