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Identity Theft


Detecting Identity Theft using periodic free credit reports can save you serious headaches by stopping an identity thief early.  The thief might use your identity to apply for a credit card in your name, but with their own address and picture.  Then they disappear with the illegally obtained goods and leave you holding the bag for the bills.

What to Look For on Your Free Credit Report. By checking your credit, you can see if any unauthorized accounts have been opened or if any unfamiliar addresses are on your file.  You can contact the companies directly if you suspect a scam.

Our Free System reminds you twice each year to take a look at your credit report.  We include links to the website for that cycle along with instructions.

Is it Really Free? Yes.  Federal law regulating credit bureaus requires them to make your information available to you.  Unlike most “free credit report” websites, this government-mandated website has no hidden catches or fees.

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