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Social Security & Medicare

SocialSecurity&Medicare is presented in your worksite conference or meeting room on a periodic basis – quarterly, monthly, or even weekly – whatever meets your group’s needs. The series can be as short as two sessions or as long as the full series of 4 one-hour-long sessions. One method is to start with the two Social Security sessions, and then survey the interest of your group regarding the Medicare sessions.

Session 1

“Savvy Social Security – Part 1”

When to start, when to delay, coordinating benefits

Session 2

“Savvy Social Security – Part 2”

Minimize income taxes, coordinating with other income

Session 3

“Savvy Medicare – Part 1”

When to sign up, what is covered, and how much it costs

Session 4

“Savvy Medicare – Part 2”

Coordinating with other insurance, and long-term care insurance