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Wills & Trusts

Leave Your Money to Your Family – Not the IRS!

Why an Estate Plan?

Every year, Americans pay billions (yes, with a ‘b’) in taxes they don’t have to pay.  It is called estate tax, and it is almost completely avoidable….if you take the right steps.  But you need to take those steps now, before it is too late.

A Voluntary Tax…

We tell our clients that estate tax is a voluntary tax.  You can choose whether you want to leave your money to the IRS or to your family.  The only catch is that if you do nothing, the IRS wins and gets the money.  You have to take action for the money to go to your family.

Your Children vs. the IRS

Many people’s personal philosophy is that they feel no obligation to make their kids rich.  They want their kids to make their own financial success.  But if it comes down to a choice between leaving money to them versus leaving it to the IRS….the kids definitely come out on top.